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We want everyone to know what we hope to achieve as we keep fighting.

1. Lift Lockdowns of all kinds.

Picking and choosing winners and losers is not the place of one person.

When we are leaving open the number one source of case such as universities, because we can't afford to close it, that is the definition of double standards.

Just like states cant afford to close, gambling, universities, and neither can small business owners.

2. Create resources for those who need to quarantine at home.- Reducing risk to those at risk should be the governments number one priority.

In the year 2020 we can live at home with out stepping foot outside.

Let's set up hotlines for seniors that can't operate smart phones, so we can get the things they need to them.

Then those at risk can stay home.

3. Increase counseling and addiction services.- Age 20 - 30 has had one Covid death in the entire state.

However as a result of Covid isolation in August, Fayette county surpassed the prior years overdose death count.

All lives are valuable, and for my generation lockdowns are more deadly then Covid.

We have also seen a sharp increase in suicides.

Calls to suicide lines are up.

We have not seen any addressing of these real issues from any leaders.

All deaths matter, and should be considered in decision making.

Freedom of choice is a cornerstone of America.

Finding solutions to difficult situations, that doesn't attack a person's rights, is difficult. It requires talking with people and considering all view points.

Resistance occurs when people feel disregarded, not listened to, and under served.

We can, and should, demand better from our leaders.

After all aren't they supposed to serve us?